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JCI's Partnerships

In order to assure the constant innovation of mobile services, it is vital that different companies can enter the market freely and, through competition, each player gets to maximize its potential. The complete opposite of this would be a vertically integrated structure in which the carrier (infrastructure owner) retains influence over all elements of the mobile business including handset and distribution.

With regards to distribution, consumer outlets are probably best suited to understand and gauge customer needs. In the same sense, handset manufacturers know their business better than anyone else and content providers are best equipped to deliver applications sought after in the market place. JCI considers it its role to create an environment that enables a wide range of companies to play its part in the mobile business.

JCI has worked on developing a mobile service platform that meets the needs of various companies. Our "b-mobile" brand is synonymous with the provision of state-of-the-art mobile services, terminals and solutions backed up by experiences with different partners.

Another hallmark of our platform is that it is flexible and versatile owing to the fact that we are an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), i.e., do not own infrastructure. This allows customers to use our service on any mobile standard anywhere in the world. In essence, JCI provides an all-encompassing platform that frees our partners from the headaches of having to be cognizant of different telecom standards and country boarders.

Service Parnters

・Distribution Partners
JCI helps retailers, consumer outlets and various other distribution companies to provide mobile solutions that best fit their client's needs. This aids our partners in their endeavor to expand target audience and tap into new revenue opportunities.

  • Aeon Retail
  • Amazon
  • Yodobashi Camera

・MSP (Mobile Solution Platform) Partners
JCI provides mobile platforms to handset manufacturers, IP-PBX makers, system integrators and more. Through combining our mobile knowhow with business solutions, our MSP partners are able to further enhance competitiveness in their respective markets.

・M2M (Machine to Machine) Partners
JCI enables telecom equipment manufacturers to ship their products with telecom service functions preinstalled. We refer to this concept of installing telecom functions as if it were a component as the "Telecom Battery", which also happens to be our service brand in this space.

Our ubiquitous leased line business for ATMs provided through our US subsidiary is quickly gathering momentum. This service allows ATM operators to cut operating costs without compromising security. This concept of a secure bullet-proof wireless interface is also being eyed as the future solution for POS operating outlets.

Infrastructure Owner Partners

As an MVNO, JCI outsources the operation and maintenance of its infrastructure to spectrum-licensed carriers.

By teaming up with multiple carriers, we are able to provide dual network products as one contiguous solution. Dual network solutions are extremely valuable, both from a security as well as a network efficiency standpoint.

・Japan Market

・US Market

Taking a Japan-born Business Model to the Rest of the World

What does a truly global mobile Internet world look like? JCI believes it is an environment in which one can travel anywhere in the world and transfer any kind of information when needed.

Thanks to the globally shared technology standard (3G) and the availability of smartphones shipped by global manufacturers, we are able to access mobile Internet anywhere in the world. But, in actuality, we still often find ourselves having to purchase locally provided SIM cards and adjust settings to our terminals as we travel which is easier said than done. Due to this, many travelers to Japan end up being charged expensive roaming rates even to this day. JCI finds this situation unacceptable.
Being able to access information where ever you are without having to do anything extra - this JCI believes should be the way of the Internet future.

In order for the new Internet age to blossom to its fullest potential, JCI made the conscious decision to not own infrastructure and offer its service platform to service companies. This is because we thought it would be the most practical way to globalize mobile Internet.

The obvious first step was to create an environment in which multiple mobile services can flourish in the country that launched 3G ahead of any other country - Japan. It is the country with the most advanced infrastructure that possesses the potential to become the Mecca for new age mobile services. This is the reason why JCI chose Japan as the place to launch its operations as the enabler of the next generation Internet.

It is in 2007 that we established a foothold in the US, the originator of the Internet. Today, our US subsidiaries are delivering mobile solutions proven successful in Japan.

We are also looking to launch services in Europe in the near future.

JCI is taking its Japan-born/Japan-nurtured business model to the world stage.