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Message from the President

Japan Communications Inc (JCI) has pushed forward with the MVNO business model since the founding of the company in 1996. Since our establishment 18 years ago, numerous other MVNO companies have been created which has lead to the establishment of this new market and also signifies the completion of the first phase.

With the diffusion of Smart-phones and the penetration of IoT (Internet of Things), devices that are connected to the internet have increased dramatically. On the other hand, there are real growing concerns about security and this concern has increased proportionally with the rise in the amount of internet connections. By the time our great-grand children are born, they may be saying “During the beginning of the 21st century Internet was very popular, however due to the vulnerability of security it did not survive”. We may be facing this risk as we speak. Since Internet is based on TCP/IP protocol, we are able to connect anywhere in the world, however when looking at it from a security stand point, it has been established on a risky protocol.

At JCI, we are focused on delivering a safe and reliable wireless network on a global scale as “Information” will be the base for the Next Generation Economy We will strive as an Enabler in the mobile industry to deliver a secure environment over the next few decades so that everyone that will be using services and devices that are connected to telecommunication may do so safely.

Japan Communications Inc.
Naohisa Fukuda