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JCI announces that ATM Japan, Ltd. acquires an equity stake in JCI's subsidiary which provides Secure & Reliable Fintech Platform (Japanese only)
JCI acquires global security standards "PCI DSS" certification - Highly valuable in providing secure & reliable communication environment - (Japanese only)
JCI to provide a reliable solution for network failures (Japanese only)
JCI announces establishment of a subsidiary to provide Secure & Reliable Fintech Platform (Japanese only)
Second Quarter Flash Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2019 (Japanese only)
Announcement of agreement for establishment of joint venture company and alliance with Yamada Denki and Cybertrust (Japanese only)
JCI was granted with Special Temporary Authority (STA) to allow using 150 MHz spectrum allocated for CBRS (Japanese only)
Japan Communications Inc. on August 17, 2018, filed a formal request to the United States Federal Communications Commission for a Special Temporary Authority (STA) to engage CBRS in America
First Quarter Flash Financial Report for Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2019 (Japanese only)
Notification regarding Institution of a Lawsuit against JCI (Japanese only)
JCI announces acquirement of Wireless Research and Development License in Ireland ― View towards 5G Era: Building the Next Generation MVNO Business Model (Japanese only)
Notification regarding New Appointment of Executive Vice President and Representative Director (Japanese only)
Notification regarding Personnel of Executives (Japanese only)
Notification of Change in Major Shareholder (Japanese only)
Notification of Change in Major Shareholder (Japanese only)
JCI takes the next step in FinTech Platform-application to commercial service. Sub-SIM for H.I.S. Mobile's "Henn na SIM" (Japanese only)
JCI's Fintech platform receives Supported Project designation for the Financial Services Agency's "Fintech Proof of Concept Hub" (Japanese only)
Notification of Partial Amendment to Articles of Incorporation (Japanese only)
Notification of the Nomination of Board Member Candidates (Japanese only)
Flash Financial Report for the Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2018 (Japanese only)
JCI announces new appointment of Vice President CFO To strengthen management structure for further growth in new business strategy (Japanese only)
JCI receives regulatory certifications for unlicensed LTE base station
Notification of the issuance of Stock acquisition rights with an amended exercise price through third party allotment (Japanese only)