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Message from the Founder and Chairman

Thanks to the Internet, we are now able to find out about things without making a trip to the library or shop online instead of going to a department store. Anything is accessible in the comfort of our home. The key driver behind this is the liberalization of the fixed-line legacy network. Without this, the Internet age we take for granted would have been unthinkable. That said, no one spends their entire time at home either - we move around. Going back to the day we were born, the minute our umbilical cords were cut, we all become nomadic. What is needed is not only for information to be delivered to our homes, but to us individually whether we are driving a car, in public transportation or on a business trip.

For the sake of delivering information to our terminal of choice, where we want it when we want it, not confined to wired environments such as our homes or offices, mobile networks were deployed. In most cases the terminals used would be smartphones or mobile phones, but it doesn't always have to be that way. Different types of information can be delivered to different types of gadgets including wearables. Information being delivered through an optimal network to the terminal of choice where ever you are - this is what the next generation Internet age is envisioning.

In order for this to happen, it is vital for a wide range of service providers to cooperate with one another. As once the fixed-line telephone industry did, it is paramount that mobile carriers liberalize their networks to allow a wide range of players to come into the market.

The interconnection between us and NTT docomo is the world's first of such an example.

Since our foundation, we have viewed the mission of an MVNO to be to deliver mobile services that carriers cannot or do not want to provide and have executed this task faithfully. What an optimal network is would vary depending on one's location and object. By always thinking of what the customer wants, first and foremost, it is our mission to deliver the network solution best suited for that customer.

Liberalization of fixed-line telecoms first started in the US, thus so did the Internet. This, in turn, spawned the creation of the likes of Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google, many of which are Silicon Valley based companies that have spread the Internet revolution to every parts of the globe. On the other hand, liberalization of the wireless industry has been led by Japan. Therefore, Japan stands to be the world's leader in the next Internet revolution involving mobile solutions.

In order to faithfully fulfill Japan's role as the global top runner in the next Internet age, JCI's aspirations expand beyond Japan. Please look forward to watching us change the world.

Japan Communications Inc.
Founder , Chairman and Group CEO
Frank Seiji Sanda D.Eng.