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Message from the President

In recent years, everything in the world has been changed from “analog” to “digital”. We can transport music, camera, telephone, TV, books, and etc., as converted and digitalized electrical signal 0 and 1. Now it is a mainstream to download the music from internet rather than to purchase CDs.

IoT is making a significant progress under the influence of the digitalization. To make a brief explanation about IoT, each data gathered by the IoT device is transported through a data center, and they comprise the big data. The AI (artificial intelligence) is formed by the machine learning of this big data, and this AI controls the IoT devices.

The big data or the AI is put in the data center and they need to be connected to the IoT devices. These data goes back and forth as the digital signal, “bit”, and we, JCI takes a role as the transporter of these “bits”.

In the industries of automotive, electric appliances, agricultural, forestry, medical, and so on in the any of the fields IoT wind is blowing. It is a big chance for us, as a transporter of the “bit”, to bring about new business opportunities with various types of industries.

Mobile network industry continues to become larger, expanding the business to the different types of industries by applying the vertical integration business type. However, we regard it our mission to offer the services that no other mobile network carriers want to, focusing on how to transport the information (bit) with safety and security just as a supporter in the background.

We have the spirit to re-design the existing values, structure, and common knowledge. We have established the MVNO business model and we do not have any benchmark companies. I believe that the result will follow when we pile up our effort from the 0 point, first to draw the ideal vision, second to think out thoroughly, and finally find the logical solution towards the goal.

Since back in the time of the establishment, we have drown the vision that IoT and MVNO would lead the global business, when no one could imagine it, and this was at the same time the vision of the MIC. We will strengthen our corporation with the partners in order to provide the JCI SIM to the people who not only live in Japan but to live in various countries.

This is an unprecedented endeavor, but we are determined to work vigorously towards an actualization of it. We would very much appreciate if you could send us your continuous support.

Japan Communications Inc.
Naohisa Fukuda