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JCI Corporate History

JCI Corporate History

Founded as a mobile telecommunications service provider for enterprises. Initial capital: ¥20,000,000
Headquarters at the time of foundation: Frank Seiji Sanda's apartment in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

May 1996

Completed series of funding through first ever Japanese syndicate led by JAFCO at a valuation of ¥4,000,000,000, 200-times the initial capital, prior to service launch.

Aug 1996

Established subsidiary Computer and Communication Technologies Inc. in Colorado, USA to leverage the cutting edge knowhow available in US market for both technologies (computer and communications).

Oct 1996

Certified as General Type II Telecommunications Carrier by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, No. 7504 ? the very first license of its kind.

Dec 1996

Began service as the world’s first MVNO.

Jan 1997

Reached agreement with WILLCOM to interconnect based on the world’s first ever capacity-based tariff.

Aug 2001

Initiated corporate service using the PHS technology under the b-mobile brand, making JCI the world’s first data MVNO.

Oct 2001

Formed a partnership with Kyocera consisting of embedding PHS modules into their PDAs, the very first smartphone-like product concept of its time.

Dec 2002

Introduced a PHS and public wireless LAN integrated service, the world’s first mobile multi network solution.

Mar 2003

Formed a partnership with HP Japan to create notebook PCs embedded with the Telecom Battery to allow Internet connection from the start-up with just one click.

Aug 2004

Formed a partnership with Panasonic to create notebook PCs embedded with the Telecom Battery to allow Internet connection from the start-up with just one click.

Aug 2004

IPO ? listed on the Hercules section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.

Apr 2005

Signed a contract to offer services under the Verizon Wireless brand in view of launching nationwide mobile data communications services in the US.

Nov 2005

Acquired Arxceo, a company holding patented IPS (intrusion protection system) knowhow suitable for embedding into mobile devices.

Mar 2006

Established Contour Networks Inc. in Georgia, USA as an MVNO to deliver secure mobile network solutions in the US.

Apr 2006

MIC Minister rules to mandate capacity-based Layer2 interconnection between JCI and NTT docomo.

Nov 2007

Contour Networks Inc. certified PCI-DSS Level-1 compliant, the strictest network security approval mandatory for use in financial transactions. This is the first and only approval of its kind given to a mobile solution.

Jun 2008

JCI launches the world’s first 3G-based MVNO service.

Aug 2008

JCI begins the world’s first service based on Layer2 interconnection (with NTT docomo).

Mar 2009

JCI partners with HP Japan to enable its HP Mobile Broadband service, marking the launch of JCI’s MVNE franchise.

Aug 2009

JCI successfully raises ¥1,800,000,000 through Euro and Japanese capital markets - the first overseas fund raising caried out by a Japanese company since the Lehman Shock.

Aug 2009

Contour Networks Inc. and Sprint agree on 3G Layer2 interconnection, the world’s second capacity-based tariff arrangement preceded only by JCI-NTT docomo.

Mar 2010

JCI releases its b-mobile SIM services, Japan's first SIM product.

Apr 2010

JCI launches its b-mobile WiFi service, a SIM lock-free portable WiFi router.

May 2010

Formed a partnership with SONY to embed mobile Internet and mobile IP phone functionalities to the VAIO notebook PC.

May 2010

JCI launches Japan's first ever SIM supporting data and voice for smartphones.

Jul 2010

JCI elevated into the Standards market segment on the Osaka Securities Exchange (JASDAQ).

Oct 2010

JCI launches the world’s first mobile IP phone service.

Jan 2011

Aided in providing emergency mobile services during the Great East Japan Earthquake (3-11) to Miyagi Rescue Headquarters, Fukushima Rescue Headquarters, Tohoku University medical team and Fukushima Medical College medical team.

Mar 2011

JCI partners with Aeon to create Japan’s first sub-¥1,000 (“¥980 flat rate”) mobile data service.

Jun 2011

JCI selected as a stock for “J-Stock Index” in JASDAQ.

Sep 2011

Established a JV with Marubeni as a corporate solutions MVNO.

Feb 2012

Formed a partnership with Yodobashi Camera, one of Japan's most prominent consumer retail outlet.

Feb 2012

Formed a partnership with NTT East and NTT West to sell JCI SIM products through their distribution channels.

Feb 2012

Based on Layer2 interconnection with NTT Docomo, JCI began to offer the LTE SIM service.

Mar 2012

Formed a partnership with AMAZON Japan to sell products through their distribution channels.

May 2012

Contour Networks Inc. reaches agreement with Sprint USA to deliver secure network solutions in the US market.

Jul 2012

Contour Networks Inc. reaches agreement with Sprint USA to deliver secure network solutions in the US market.

Jul 2012

As a milestone as MVNO, JCI launched Sumaho Voice SIMs to provide voice communications.

Aug 2012

Launched health check-up station business with the certified PCI-DSS status, M2M solution, upon approval by The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in the US.

Aug 2012

Applied for Layer2 interconnections with KDDI and Softbank, in preparation for delivering multi network solutions in Japan.

Mar 2013

Established JCI US Inc. in Colorado as a supervisory company to strengthen the business development and to produce the synergy among the subsidiary companies in the US.

Jul 2012

Regrouped the subsidiary companies in the US. to develop the applications using high security data transmission for ATM machines also in the Japanese market.

Jul 2013

In cooperation with Kadokawa Taiwan Corporation, JCI released SIMs for short term visitors from Taiwan to Japan.

Nov 2013

To promote the MVNO business model to the next stage, JCI made a proposal of HLR(Home Location Register) and HSS(Home Subscriber Server) interconnection to NTT Docomo.

Feb 2014

Partnered Aeon Co.Ltd., JCI released the smartphone merchandise at ¥ 2,980/month without cancellation control, which was sensational in Japan.

Apr 2014

Crew System Inc. was established in Minato-ku Tokyo, as to maintain the operational management such as, order entry, shipping, and circuit opening.

May 2014

Contour Network Japan was qualified as the bearer of PCI DSS security standard in order to provide the applications using high security data transmission for the ATM machines in Japan.

Jun 2014

To plan and develop innovative voice communication service, JCI made a proposal of voice communication network interconnection to NTT Docomo.

Jul 2014

Released the Japan's first voice and data prepaid SIM for the visitors to Japan.

Aug 2014

Made a partnership with Daiwabo Information System Co., Ltd., the largest distributor of the Japanese information technology market, to enable DIS’s MVNO business.

Dec 2014

Announced the business cooperation with VAIO Corporation, envisioned the joint venture to create a new market for the mobile network computing system.

Dec 2014

JCI and VAIO Corporation announced the release of VAIO Smartphone

Mar 2015

Moved up to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Jun 2015